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My name is Justin Roth. I have over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, group fitness coach and gym owner. Throughout this time, I have acquired a wide breadth of knowledge about the human body, its mechanics, and how strategic movements can help improve its overall function. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine, as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

What does that mean for you? I pride myself in helping my clients find and maintain proper exercise form. I believe that training "smarter, not harder" will help you win the long game. Sometimes a slight adjustment from an experienced personal trainer is all you need to eliminate pain and see results. 

Your fitness goals are as unique as you are and should be personalized accordingly. Whether you are a novice or a workout enthusiast, I am here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

I offer personal training sessions at my private gym in Long Beach, CA. I am also available to come to your home (or somewhere nearby) and conduct our session there.

Tap below and contact me to book your introductory personal training session. 



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I can host our sessions at my fully equipped, air conditioned home gym in Long Beach (90808 area). This option is great for people looking for quicker results from their workouts.

30 Min - $55/session (1x week or less)

30 Min - $50/session (2x week or more)

60 Min - $80/session (1x week or less)

60 Min - $75/session (2x week or more)

60 Min (2 People) - $95 (1x week or less)

60 Min (2 People) - $90 (2x week or more)

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Prefer we train at your location? No problem! I offer mobile personal training in Long Beach, and most surrounding cities. This option is perfect for people with tighter schedules, or kids at home.

60 Min - $95/session (1x week or less)

60 Min - $90/session (2x week or more)

60 Min (2 People) - $105 (1x week or less)

60 Min (2 People) - $100 (2x week or more)




I would love to discuss more about your fitness goals. I am available for personal training in Long Beach, Lakewood and the surrounding cities.


Valerie N.

Justin is supremely knowledgeable about the body and will adapt his tailored exercises to fit your needs and keep you progressing forward. I started my first class with him with a brace on my arm, healing from a dislocated elbow. He didn't bat an eye, he just gave me the modifications needed to keep my body moving. His good energy is infectious. He starts you off slow prepping your body for the workout with stretches, then builds in intensity with a healthy mixture of cardio, functional movements, and strengthening. Just when you may feel you're starting to lag in your work out, his energy and motivating music rise in a crescendo carrying you through, helping you find the strength to finish strong.


If you are interested in trying out a free personal training session or have any additional questions, please fill out this contact form and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest! - Justin

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