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10 Undeniable Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

Updated: May 19, 2023

There’s no shortage of information online about fitness and exercise. When looking at social media some may even say there is too much information. There are countless rabbit holes to fall down, all promising an easy hack that will make it easier for us to get and stay “fit.” The truth is that what makes us each individually “fit” is as diverse as we all are. Sure, we can say “a healthy diet and regular exercise” will help get us in “shape,” but how exactly?

The answer is to find a fitness expert, ideally certified who can take you where you want to go physically. Granted you can do some trial-and-error testing of online programs, but you can save yourself a lot of wasted time, not to mention potential injury, if you go straight to the source and talk directly to a certified personal trainer near you.

No, personal trainers are not exclusively for the rich and famous. In fact, the chances are that there are some very talented and affordable fitness professionals, specializing in a wide variety of training methods right nearby you. Even if you’re only looking for just one session to answer some questions, or to do a live virtual session, you can benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer in Long Beach, a personal trainer in Lakewood, or whatever city you may be in.

But before we get into that, let’s start with some commonly asked questions about personal trainers:

Is a personal trainer worth the money?

It depends on how comfortable you are with your current fitness situation, and how serious you are about accomplishing your goals. When you book a personal trainer that matches your personality and goals, it will be worth the money. That’s why it may take a little homework to find the trainer that delivers the most value for their price. If you are looking for someone to help you break through a plateau, or are rehabilitating an injury, a personal trainer might be able to give you the customized strategy that you need. The key to getting this is clear communication. You, as the client are responsible for communicating your wants and needs. Once you do this, you will have a much better idea of which trainer will work best for you.

personal trainer Long Beach

Do you need a lot of money to hire a personal trainer?

Not necessarily. While a personal trainer may seem like a luxury purchase, with careful scheduling you can stretch that dollar a lot farther. We don’t suggest settling for a trainer you do not feel comfortable with so take a moment to do a little research. For example, if you live in Long Beach, CA, then try a search for a ‘Personal Trainer in Long Beach CA’ or ‘Fitness Trainer Long Beach CA’.

How much do personal trainers cost?

Prices vary depending on a variety of factors including the location you train, your trainer’s experience, how often you train with them, and how many sessions you purchase at once. According to a one-hour personal training session in the United States typically ranges between $50-$90. Depending on your city, that rate may fluctuate.

personal trainer long beach ca

Can you hire a trainer to come to your home?

Absolutely. Since the pandemic hit, the demand for at-home personal training has skyrocketed. You can book a personal trainer in Long Beach who can come directly to your home, or anywhere else you want them to meet you. You can also specify if you would like them to wear a mask or any other safety precautions that matter to you.

Now let's get into the (undeniable) benefits of having a personal trainer:

1. Works with your schedule - For those of us who have busier schedules, making it to the gym or our favorite workout classes can be impossible sometimes. Your personal trainer will work around your schedule, making sure your workouts are at ideal times. One of the benefits of online training is that you can get your custom session delivered in the comfort of your own home (without having to bring your trainer actually into your home).

personal training long beach ca

2. Maximize workout time - When many of us work out alone, we tend to spend more time on our phones. Having the presence of another person, no less someone who’s skilled in efficient time use (i.e., a good personal trainer) can compound your results and bring you closer to your goals quicker.

3. Educational - Most of us aren’t interested in something until we start to become better at it. The same often goes for health and fitness. A snowball effect of wanting to know and learn more about what you’re doing tends to occur once you get going and see results. Take advantage of this by listening to your fitness trainer and then asking questions. No (decent) personal trainer should make you feel bad for asking questions. It’s your fitness journey.

4. Personalized to your goals - The problem with online workouts is that they are not totally personalized, especially if you need any modifications. With a personal trainer, you can give them feedback on what you would like to focus on, and at what pace you prefer. Clear communication helps maximize your time and effort and will bring you closer to your fitness goals that much quicker.

personal trainer long beach

5. Modifications - If you have played sports, or are over 30, chances are you have some sort of ailment or tightness, past or present that should be addressed. While your workout should never exacerbate an ailment, at best, it can help rehabilitate and heal it. Booking a personal trainer in Long Beach, or anywhere else, who is in tune with the modifications you need can help save you from future surgeries and pain.

6. Motivation - A good fitness trainer can inspire you and make your workout feel like teamwork. We all have days where our motivation is lacking, but often we feel better once we finish our workout. Find a fitness trainer who can bring you from point A to B as smoothly as possible. If your trainer helps make the time go by quickly, that’s a great start!

fitness trainer long beach

7. Accountability - Money aside, it’s a lot harder to cancel when you have another person holding you accountable. If you are hiring a personal trainer for an extended period, their job is to also keep you engaged during the session. We all have days where we feel unmotivated, but an experienced personal trainer will be there to help you stay on track.

8. Challenge - Peer pressure can be tough to ignore. Granted, not everyone likes to be told what to do, but we hate even more to be told what we can’t. Creating reasonable challenges at strategic stages is tough to pull off on your own, but when we have someone in front of us encouragingly pushing us forward, we are more likely to step up to the challenge, and in-turn get more out of our workout.

personal trainer long beach

9. Variety - Most exercisers do the same exercise routine every time they go to the gym. While some consistency is necessary to see progression, there needs to be enough variety to also challenge the body. Many of us do not have the time or the attention span to create a new routine for every workout. Variety in our workouts also trains our bodies to adapt better to external changes.

10. Consistency - Consistency is accountability over and over again and might be the hardest of all of these to pull off. In fact, consistency is the very cause of the January rush at most gyms. Having someone else to meet and help keep you accountable helps lead you to consistency. Don’t worry about the big picture, that can be daunting at times. Instead, think of exercise like brushing your teeth, sometimes you do it more thoroughly than others, but either way, you get it done...most days.


If you are interested in hiring an experienced personal trainer in Long Beach, CA contact Justin Roth by tapping HERE.

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