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How To Find The Best Personal Trainer in Long Beach…And Beyond!

Updated: May 19

How to find the best personal trainer in Long Beach…and beyond!

Finding the right personal trainer can be a daunting task. Book the wrong personal trainer and it can feel like a date gone bad. No wonder so many of us are left to embark on our fitness journeys alone. That fear mixed with the contradictory messages we are fed online can lead any reasonable person astray.

Personal training Long Beach, CA

I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years. I have managed three gyms and countless personal trainers, and even I have trouble separating the good from the bad. Why? Because there are good and bad things about most personal trainers in Long Beach, or anywhere! The key is to find the best personal trainer for your goals and preferred teaching style.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about a personal trainer in Long Beach:

How much for a personal trainer in Long Beach?

personal trainer near me Long Beach, CA

The per session price of your personal training session can vary depending on a variety of factors including the location you train, your personal trainer’s experience, how often you train with them, and how many sessions you purchase at once. According to a one-hour personal training session in the United States typically ranges between $50-$90. An experienced personal trainer may charge $70-120 depending on the location and the extent of their experience.

Personal trainer vs fitness coach vs fitness trainer vs boxing trainer vs boxing coach

best personal trainer in Long Beach

So, you’re looking for a personal trainer in Long Beach, but maybe you also notice there are fitness coaches in Long Beach, fitness trainers in Long Beach, boxing in Long Beach, and other variations of the same thing coming up in your Google search? What’s the difference? Not much. Chances are each of them offers similar personal training, and wellness services. A boxing trainer will of course incorporate more boxing exercises like focus mitts, foot work, and other boxing training. Look at their websites and see who speaks to you the most.

Still not sure where to start? Here are some additional things to consider when choosing the best personal trainer for you:

· Male personal trainer vs female personal trainer

· Intensity Level

· Specialty

· Location

· Free first session

Throughout my experience as a personal trainer, I have worked with a variety of people with different needs and goals. I have found that listening to what you, the client says is most important when planning out a fitness plan.

If you or someone you know is interested in hiring a personal trainer in Long Beach, I offer a Free personal training session for all new clients in Long Beach. Tap HERE to sign up.

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Need a personal trainer in Long Beach? Contact me here:

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