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These 8 Things Will Help You Achieve Your Ideal Physique

Updated: Nov 12

Getting in shape and achieving your dream physique often seems daunting and unrealistic. However, there is a practical step-by-step approach to reach any body goal. This strategic advice provides an excellent blueprint for how to (sustainably) sculpt your ideal body.

The key is setting realistic short-term targets instead of extreme end goals. Personal trainers and fitness professionals agree that by taking "little steps" and making gradual sustainable changes, you can successfully transition from any starting point to your ideal physique.

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For those beginning at higher body fat percentages, personal trainers and fitness professionals recommend first increasing gentle cardiovascular exercise, reducing alcohol intake, and implementing structured meal times. As you progress to lower body fat levels, introduce strength training, refine food choices, and adopt methods like plate division for controlling portions.

At the lowest body fat percentages, nutrition becomes paramount. A focused, disciplined diet with limited cheat meals/foods and careful meal planning is essential for sustaining single digit body fat. Remember, you can't jump from one end of the spectrum immediately to the other. Follow the steps to make lasting change.

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Here are 8 steps you can try:

  1. Start with gentle cardio 3x times per week. Go for walks, bike rides or swim for 30-45 minutes at an easy, fat-burning pace.

  2. Reduce alcohol intake by half at first, then gradually cut back further for best results. Alcohol is high in empty calories.

  3. Implement a structured eating schedule of 5-6 small meals spaced 2-3 hours apart. This controls portions and prevents overeating.

  4. Introduce strength training 2 times per week to build metabolism-boosting muscle mass. Focus on total body moves and progressive overload.

  5. Refine food choices by increasing protein, fiber and nutrients while decreasing fried foods, sweets and condiments high in sugar and calories.

  6. Use the plate division method - 1/3 lean protein, 2/3 fruits, vegetables and whole grains - to control meal portions.

  7. At low body fat levels, nutrition becomes even more important. Limit cheat meals to 1-2 times per week and carefully plan all meals and snacks.

  8. Supplement with protein powder and consider pre-workout or muscle recovery supplements to support training and muscle growth.

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As a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience, I cannot stress enough about having realistic expectations, not depriving yourself, and enjoying the process. With commitment and consistency, plus following proper workout and diet plans, (see your local Long Beach personal trainer), you can achieve any physique goal. It won't happen overnight, but taking it step-by-step will lead to success.


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