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Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Long Beach, CA

As a personal trainer living and working in the sunny coastal community of Long Beach, California, I'm always encouraging my clients to embrace the active outdoor lifestyle here and hit the wonderful local trails. Whether you live downtown, along the coast, or further inland, there are lots of great hiking and walking spots right in our own backyard.

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Lace up your shoes, grab some water, and let's explore some of the best hiking trails in Long Beach; trails for getting your steps in, toning your legs, and boosting your heart health as you take in the sights!

El Dorado Park - A Local Gem in East Long Beach

For some of the most varied and scenic pathways, head to El Dorado Park in East Long Beach (90813). Spanning more than 400 acres, this massive green space has plenty of winding dirt trails to keep you occupied for hours. You'll wander through rolling foothills, shady oak groves, fragrant sage scrub, and peaceful garden areas.

Follow the main 1.5 mile loop around the central pond for gorgeous views of the waterfront. Ducks, herons, and other wetland birds are common sights. Feel your stress melt away listening to frogs croaking from the pond lilies.

Venture over the wooden bridges to reach the trails along the back half of the park. Here the paths meander up and down over the hills, dotted with benches perfect for resting and appreciating your natural surroundings. At the top of the hills, you're rewarded with sweeping views across all of Long Beach.

The trails at El Dorado are excellent for hiking beginners, families, and also more experienced walkers. Plan to spend a full morning or afternoon fully exploring the network of paths. Don't forget to check the informative Nature Center before you head out to learn about the local ecosystem.

Rancho Los Alamitos - Historic Ranch Trails with Garden Allure

Nestled next to Cal State Long Beach, Rancho Los Alamitos (90815) is a charming historic ranch estate that's open to the public. This hidden oasis offers easy trail loops that are less than a mile long but perfect for a peaceful nature break.

Stroll under the shady oak alleys and admire the vibrant gardens lush with both native and tropical plant species. Patiently planted decades ago by the Bixby family who owned the ranch, the gardens exemplify California's horticultural history and diversity. Experience exotic flora from all over the world.

Make your way behind the historic ranch buildings to find the tree-lined trail encircling a basin often dotted with ducks and herons. As you complete the mostly flat loop, take time to gaze across the meadows toward the Long Beach skyline in the distance.

Don't miss exploring the historic adobe ranch house itself either before or after your hike. This National Historic Landmark provides an immersive look at what life was like when this ranch operated back in its early days. Wander the creaky wooden floors and gain appreciation for Long Beach's rich past.

The Colorado Lagoon Footbridge Trail - Scenic Marshland Walk

For a unique hiking experience unlike anywhere else in Long Beach, head over to the Colorado Lagoon (90802) in the city's westside. Here you can take in breathtaking wetland views while getting exercise on the perimeter trail.

This compact trail runs 1.25 miles around the perimeter of the coastal lagoon as it meanders out toward the ocean. One special highlight is traversing the wooden footbridge that crosses over the lagoon, letting you gaze down at the water and shorebirds clustered in the reeds.

Keep your eyes peeled for herons, egrets, ducks, geese, and other species that call this lagoon home. The ecosystem here provides an important wetland habitat in the midst of the city. Pause at scenic outlook points that showcase stunning views across the lagoon backed by the enormous Port of Long Beach loading cranes.

The flat compacted dirt trail is an easy, moderate hike suitable for most ages and abilities. Go at sunrise or sunset for the most spectacular light over the waters. Discover one of Long Beach's hidden outdoor gems at Colorado Lagoon!

Long Beach Bike Trail - Oceanfront Hiking & Views

For an invigorating oceanside walk any time of year, one of my favorite trails is right along the sand on the paved Long Beach Bike Path. This flat waterfront trail stretches 3 miles from Shoreline Village to Bixby Park, offering nonstop Pacific views.

Bring your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for this wide open trail with no shade. But the ocean breezes keep you cool as you stroll past multiple Long Beach neighborhoods like Belmont Shore, Naples, and SEADIP.

At just 3 miles out and back, it's not a grueling hike. But you'll get great leg toning and cardio walking on the concrete surface. Stop along the way at seaside apartments or cafes for snack breaks fueling up.

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins swimming, people fishing, surfers catching waves, and the Queen Mary grandeur. This hike lets you soak in the seaside atmosphere that makes Long Beach so special. Listening to the waves and smelling the salt air is good for body and soul!

Ready to Hit the Trails?

Living in Long Beach offers easy access to great hiking year-round. From marshlands to hills to gardens and oceanfront pathways, you'll find awesome trail options across our diverse city. As your local personal trainer, I highly recommend getting out on these Long Beach trails to boost your fitness and mood!

Get in touch if you need any help creating an exercise routine to reach your health goals. I offer a free personal training session for new clients where we can meet up, assess your needs, and get you started moving confidently.


Contact me for a free personal training session here: Workouts & Fitness Tips @justinrothpt

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