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This is How You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Updated: Nov 14

No matter how active you may be, most of us experience some level of hip or back pain as we get older. At worst, the discomfort can monopolize your mind and body, making it difficult to complete basic tasks. Maybe you’ve even tried standing up and leaning forward hoping to stretch the pain out, but a forward fold only helps a little. Why? And more importantly, what now?

What we identify as back pain can take root in other parts of our hip complex. The Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex or LPHC are the muscles at and around the core of our body which generate movement in both the upper and lower extremities. While many people use the words “core” and “abs” interchangeably, I have found that “core” is more closely associated with the LPHC. This means we must address our hip complex (LPHC) if we are to permanently get rid of lower back pain.

But, before we strengthen our hip complex, we must detangle some of the tightness that’s been constricting our movements. The good news is addressing this stiffness can give your lower back some instant pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Relief

The key to lower back pain relief is movement. It may sound counterintuitive but warming/activating the muscles which attach to the lumbar spine can decrease the tension on the lumbar spine itself. Direct lower back stretches are okay and are addressed below, but controlled dynamic movements can yield quicker results.

The following movements should all be done at a slow and controlled pace, with a very limited range of motion to start. The details matter, so try and keep the form as described in the videos (make sure your audio is on ). Feel free to skip any you do not feel comfortable performing.

Hip Swing

Standing Hip Abduction

Rocking Groin Stretch

Lying Hip Circles

Get Rid of Lower Back Pain for Good

These movements can help keep the lower back pain-free. Remember, getting rid of lower back muscle pain involves addressing the muscles that connect to it. By activating our gluteus maximus/medius, abductor/adductor, internal/external obliques, and rectus abdomonis, we can support our lower back and relieve associated tension.

Side Lying Hip Abduction

Glute Bridge

Quadruped Plank

Side Plank with Hip Lift

Lower Back Stretches

Once we activate the muscles around our lower back, we are now ready to directly stretch the area, since the muscles around it can function properly. Adding the following lower back stretches 1-2 times per week will help us maintain the mobility we have established with the previous exercises.


Seated Cross-Body Hamstring Stretch

Lying Piriformis Stretch

Pigeon/Figure Four Stretch

Lower Back Exercises

Some isolated lower back strengthening exercises are also recommended when it comes to getting rid of lower back pain for good. These exercises can help our bodies handle the load when we do happen to overuse our lower back. Adding these lower back exercises 1-2 times per week will help us maintain the strength we have established with the previous stages.


Reverse Hyperextension

Forearm Plank


Getting rid of lower back pain is a multi-step process. With the first series of movements, you will be able to find some lower back pain relief. Once you are in a place where your pain is manageable and you are able to start being proactive, the next section of exercises is good to perform daily in order to get rid of lower back pain for good. Weekly isolated strengthening of the lower back along with lower back stretches are recommended as well.

I understand the specifics of some of these can be a little daunting, so please feel free to contact me with any related questions or personal training inquiries...

Contact me here:

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