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When Should You Hire a Personal Fitness Coach or a Personal Trainer?

Updated: Feb 10

When Should You Hire a Personal Fitness Coach or a Personal Trainer?

First off, what is a personal fitness coach, and how are they different from a personal trainer? Admittedly there is some overlap between the two. Both are health & wellness professionals whom you can privately hire to help bring your personal fitness goals to life. Both will personalize your workouts based on your fitness goals, and both can offer personal training services at your home, a local park, or at a gym near you.

So, what’s the difference?

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Most health & wellness professionals who switch the “trainer” pronoun in favor of the “coach” pronoun tend to also offer lifestyle advice along with their personal training services. This is including but is not limited to, nutritional advice, sleeping recommendations, monitoring alcohol use, regular check-ins, weigh-ins, and or body measurements, and other means of accountability.

Personal fitness coach vs personal trainer. Which one is better?

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That depends on how involved you want your personal trainer or personal fitness coach to be. It also depends on the personal training or personal fitness coach cost. The cost also depends on the city you are in. Most fitness coaches in Long Beach cost about the same as a personal trainer in Long Beach. In this case, all things are equal so you should choose the approach that feels right to you.

How do you find a fitness coach, personal trainer, or fitness training coach in Long Beach and beyond?

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No matter how you order the words in your Google search, it is best to give yourself a little time to try out a few and see what your local training market has to offer. For example, if you live in Long Beach, CA you can try searching the following variations: “Fitness Coach Long Beach”, “Personal Trainer Long Beach”, and “Fitness Training Coach Long Beach”. See who catches your eye and give your top 1-3 trainer choices a try for an introductory session! Most personal trainers offer a discounted or free first session. Tap HERE to get started.

What is the Personal Training Cost in Long Beach?

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How much does a personal trainer cost in Long Beach? Personal trainers in Long Beach, CA start at $49 per session for a novice personal trainer. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $29-$166 per session. Since a fitness coach in Long Beach starts at $49 per session, there should be some affordable options near you!

The best way to find a personal trainer is to try a Google search of the person you’d like to hire, followed by the city you are in. For example: “personal trainer Long Beach”. After that, try two more variations, for example: “personal fitness coach Long Beach” and/or “fitness coach long beach”. That should give you enough options to book your first few sessions and embark on your fitness journey!


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